Welcome to the Club Obsidian Store



This is the place to enhance your experience on Club Obsidian, We offer many options for you to choose from, Global ranks to get perks on any gamemode on the network, Tags for prison, Safe keys, Loot Chests, and more!


Payments are handled via PayPal, If you do not have a paypal account and need to use a debt or credit card you can do so via paypal's secured website on the checkout page.





What if my purchase doesn't go through immediately?

If your purchase hasnt gone through after you checked out of the store then you should wait a maximum time of 20 minutes unless you decided to pay with an E-Check which can take up to 7 days to process. If your purchase does not go through in 20 minutes you can contact a staff member and they will get in touch with the owners for you to find out if you are experiencing any issues with your purchase.

Need to get in contact with the owners directly?

You can contact the owners directly at clubobsidianmc@gmail.com.

Refunds and Disputing Purchases

Anything you decide to purchase from the webstore is considered an intangible good. Club Obsidian Entertainment LLC has a very strict policy centric around No Refunds on any purchase made through the store. Disputing any purchases made on the server will result in your minecraft account being blacklisted from the webstore and banned from the Club Obsidian services and if needed will result in a investigation.

Privacy Policy

Any information you provide with any purchase will be protected and not exchanged with any other company or person without your consent.


Club Obsidian Entertainment LLC is not affiliated with Mojang, Microsoft or Notch Development AB.